In November 2014 Eurostat published the results of a survey they conducted on enterprises ‘use of cloud computing services in the European Union. We would like to share the most interesting findings of this report with you.

  • 19% of EU enterprises used cloud computing, mostly for hosting their e-mail systems and storing files in electronic form.

  • 34% of these firms uses the cloud for office software, 31% used cloud services relating to financial and accounting software applications, 21% customer relationship management

  • Four out of ten enterprises (38%) using the cloud reported the risk of a security breach as the main limiting factor in the use of cloud computing services. In Large Enterprises this fear of security breach is greater; 57%.

  • A similar proportion (42%) of those not using the cloud reported insufficient knowledge of cloud computing as the main factor that prevented them from using it.


The table below shows the large discrepancy in cloud usage between the countries in the European Union.  You would expect a large discrepancy between eastern and western Europe, or North and south Europe but also countries as France (12%) and Germany (11%) score well below the European average of 19%. Italy with 40% of enterprises already using cloud services however is holding third place in these European charts.

Using Cloud computing

When we look at the different organisations that are using cloud computing, actually using it now you will not be surprised to see that the biggest majority have cloud based email 66%, followed by storage (53%). However there is a significant drop when it comes to office software (34%), financial or accounting software (31%) and CRM software (21%).

Using cloud for Office software

Using cloud for finance or accounting

Using cloud for CRM

If we take a closer look at the different industries that use cloud computing we see an outcome we expected. Professional services industries come out towards the top with ICT organisations lead the charts with 45% of enterprises using cloud computing and the more labour led businesses such as construction feature at the bottom of the table.

Use of Cloud computing by Economic Activity

The final set of numbers show some interesting reading about the ‘factors limiting enterprises from using cloud computing’. While the biggest concern for both large and SMB enterprises is the Risk of Security breach the following three in each category differs.   

The main factors for Large enterprise companies (>250 employees) are:

  1. Uncertainty about the location of data

  2. Uncertainty about applicable law, jurisdiction, dispute resolution mechanism

  3. Problems accessing data or Software

Small and medium enterprise (10-249 employees) companies however are more concerned about:

  1. Insufficient knowledge of cloud computing

  2. High cost of buying cloud computing services

  3. Uncertainty about applicable law, jurisdiction, dispute resolution mechanism 

Factors effecting use of Cloud computing

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