OneBizz Extended

OneBizz Extended offers all functionality of OneBizz Comfort plus Warehousing, Manufacturing and Service Management.

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OneBizz Extended

With OneBizz Extended you will get all functionality from OneBizz Basic and OneBizz Comfort – Basic Financial management and General Ledger, Basic Supply Chain Management, Basic Project Management and Basic Customer Relationship Management. But a growing business could at some point may need for more advanced processes, deeper insights into details or simply more extended functionalities such as Intercompany transactions, Campaign pricing, Manufacturing or Warehouse Management.

As always with OneBizz, everything is brought to you in a role centric approach designed to support each employee to perform with a high efficiency in meeting their expected goals.

With OneBizz Extended you can increase your marketing and sales collaboration by adding OneBizz CRM Basic giving you essential Customer Relationship Management capabilities. This enables you to share accounts, contacts and leads between employees and teams.

You can also choose to add OneBizz CRM PRO giving you the opportunity to keep track of your campaigns and leads, or work with opportunities created on your customer or prospect accounts.

You can extend the reach of your OneBizz Solution to employees’ not needing access to the traditional Financial Management functionality by giving them access through the OneBizz Light user.

OneBizz Extended contains:

  • Financial Management Extended
  • Sales & receivables Extended
  • Purchase & Payables
  • Inventory Extended
  • Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Microsoft Office 365

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Financial management
Sales & receivables
Purchase & Payables
Warehouse Management
Project Management
Time Sheet Management
Human Resources Management
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype
Mail & Calendars, Online meetings, Chat & Skype, Yammer (company social network), Office Online, Sway
Optional: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic or Pro

Key features

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Manage items on a bin level to optimize space usage and support pick and put-away processes for sales, purchase, transfer, return and manufacturing orders.


Enables you to create Bill of Materials and create and manage manufacturing orders. It supports you in the Agile Manufacturing processes.
Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management

When you discover an opportunity with an existing customer or a prospect, it is beneficial for your business to follow a defined sales methodology moving the opportunity through the process to the final sale. OneBizz Extended allows you to do so and gives you a total opportunity overview.

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