OneBizz ERP for Finance

Manage your cash, assets and banking with OneBizz ERP. The financial health of your company makes the difference between success and survival. OneBizz Financial is able to capture the complexity of a global company.

Main control

Main control

OneBizz ERP Financial helps ensure accountability and compliance, and set up simultaneously to react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions and new regulations. Vital banking activities are closely monitored and automate processes for financial management to make better business decisions.

Optimal business information

Optimal business information

With ERP Financial OneBizz you have to predict all the information for trends, discover insights and continuous optimum performance. The functions for business analysis, information and reporting to Microsoft Dynamics, are not just meant for companies with higher market shares but also for you, no matter what company you have. More importantly, these features connect to your company's employees with each other and provide exactly the information that they need to be as effective as possible.

User-friendly dashboards and reports

User-friendly dashboards and reports

You will get a clearer picture of the performance of your business. With a large amount of business information that is offered by means of transparent, user-friendly dashboards and reports, you are well equipped to surpass your competition. Company information turns words into action through the collection, analysis, monitoring and forecasting of data with which opportunities are identified, risks are minimised and a better understanding improves management.

Customer Leaflet

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Office 365
Always access to the latest versions of your familiar Office programs, regardless of whether you're using a PC, Mac, tablet or phone.
24/7 Community Support
OneBizz facilitates the possibility of outside office hours support via the 24/7 community support function in OneBizz.
Role centers

Depending on your role within the organization you have a personal dashboard with corresponding functions and duties.

Company and team sites
With OneBizz you get a business site and a site team to work as simple and uncluttered together.
Rapid start templates
By using predefined templates will migrate your data quickly and conveniently place.
Relationship management
Manage your contacts and associated actions to take or have already taken.
The Banking feature helps users to avoid making mistakes when filling out the customer and the seller are banking details.
Financial management
OneBizz enables you to manage all the usual financial processes.
Sales and receivables
Here you can monitor sales and the corresponding payments to be received.
Purchase and payables
Create and manage purchase orders, sales orders and authorize treat your returns.
Advanced functionality
Project management
Plan, manage and coordinate in an orderly way your projects.
Timesheet management
Time sheet management in OneBizz allows you to keep track of how long someone spent on a task.
Human resource management

Human Resources Management enables you to track detailed information from your staff.

Warehouse management

Advanced warehouse management functionality.

Use the inventory management feature to have insight into where and what I quantity of your stocks will go
Cost accounting
With Cost Accounting you’ll get insight into what costs you make to your business.

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