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OneBizz CRM: a versatile, integrated solution. Contact Management, Marketing, Social Media and service in one.

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OneBizz CRM

Nearly all organizations need a CRM system that supports sales and increased sales capacity, including increasing productivity and it also helps to discover your team insights that lead to customer successes.

Did you know that OneBizz CRM has a full range of product integration not only for Office 365, and Power BI, as well as Yammer, Lync, Skype and many other social conference systems that employees, customers and business partners already use?

OneBizz CRM contains:

Rapid Start templates

24/7 Community Support

Account and lead management

Activities and notes

Reporting and dashboards

Opportunity, goals, contracts and workflow

Service Management

Your 360˚ Sales

Satisfied customers ensure repeat customers, so knowing your customers is necessary for your success.

Increase your sales performance

Increase your sales performance

Knowledge is power and that is certainly the case with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). At OneBizz CRM provides this information online at your fingertips. By combining information from your service, marketing campaigns, social media and completed projects, you get all the insights, business intelligence and productivity solutions. OneBizz brings you the power of Microsoft business solutions via the intranet, with clear dashboards and information is relevant to your specific tasks and needs.

Templates to boost your success

Templates to boost your success

Why reinvent the wheel when you can start easily with CRM with predefined templates; a special template for creating your specific marketing campaigns, sales opportunities templates, workflows, and a basic set of document templates. We want to be a part of your success.

Short and carefree implementation

Short and carefree implementation

No matter what industry you are in, the implementation of an integrated solution is a critical project to be carried out with dedication and focus. OneBizz ensures that within a short time you are up and running and can use the integrated apps and CRM Wizards. All this to save you time and money.

Rapid Start templates
By using predefined templates it will migrate your data quickly and to a convenient place.
Community Support
OneBizz facilitates the possibility of working outside office hours and the possibility to gather and share knowledge within the 24/7 community support function.                
Account and lead management
OneBizz allows you to manage your different customer accounts and leads.
Activities and notifications
Keep track of the tasks you need to do and all tasks previously performed. Give them notes using this feature in OneBizz.
Reports and Dashboards
Easily create reports from the data relevant to you and see them return to your dashboard.
Opportunities, Goals, Contracts, Workflows
OneBizz gives you insight into the opportunities, goals and contracts. Also to perform some tasks through a workflow.
Service Management
Manage and take care of your Service Management requests within OneBizz.
Dynamics Marketing Sales Collaboration
Because marketing and sales are integrated, it’s easy to get your leads quickly converted into customers.
Microsoft Social Engagement
Microsoft Social Engagement is a powerful CRM service that your sales, service and marketing teams get their hands on brand new tools.

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