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First things first, we’re afraid we’re going to have to break the age-old rule of what happens on tour, stays on tour. Our deepest apologies, but we just had an overpowering urge to share the juicy details from our recent trip. We may as well have been in the North Pole, as our little OneBizz elves made Christmas come early for lots of SMBs in London last week... The UK arm of OneBizz was launched on the 3rd and 4th December at the Great British Business Show with a big splash of Orange and sea of balloons. We got people talking and kicked things off with gusto. Where better to launch OneBizz UK than at one of the best and most attended business events held at the London Olympia? Of course, as OneBizz was new to the UK we had no idea of the sort of reaction and response it would get from UK business owners. So it was up to us to make some noise and get people talking. The anticipation had been building for a while before the event and whilst we were incredibly excited about the launch, we were also very apprehensive about whether UK business owners would take to our unique concept for business software. We hit the stand at 9am on the 3rd December and settled in with a pre-event coffee before the doors officially opened at 10am. We kept the stand manned for the full two days. So, Will McIntee (UK Lead for OneBizz), Fiona Melville & Mark Blackmore (Channel Managers), Chris Harthman (UK OneBizz Partner) and Alain Duckers & Reinier Pranger (OneBizz Young Professionals) armed themselves with some coffee and got straight to it. As expected, the footfall was slow to start. A few visitors did wander over to the stand as they passed to get a coffee but as the day progressed, we were suddenly all occupied with questions from lots of interested business owners who were intrigued to find out what OneBizz is and, more importantly, how it could benefit their businesses. We were pretty overwhelmed by the reaction. Stand visitors were amazed by the functionality that was available to small to medium enterprise businesses in one cloud based application. The fact that OneBizz can pull together all client related information into one solution and display it in an easy to use and navigate dashboard was a major benefit. However, the real selling point came down to cost, and people were delighted to learn that it would cost them less than a cup of Cappuccino a day to use this software. Check out the products page to see for yourself! Overall, the two days were a great success and we gained a large amount of enquiries and requests for more information. It you want to find out more, please get in touch or go to the home page to start your free trial.

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