You see an increasing need to get involved with your customers on social media, but are not quite sure how and when to get started. We have drafted this small step by step manual, to help you take your first steps in the field of social customer care.

Make sure your process is in order. 

Think about what you would do with the feedback and complaints. Where would you register this? What is the purpose of doing this via social media? Where are your customers? 24/7? A study showed that more consumers would recommend a brand that provides a quick but ineffective response than would recommend a brand that provides a slow but effective solution. 

Make sure your software tools are in order

What kind of tools will you need in order to monitor social media as well as resolve any issues you might encounter? Think about installing CRM software as well as a social media monitoring tool. You could look at Google Alerts, Social Mention, Talkwalker, CRM Dynamics Social Listening. 

Who is in charge? 

In most companies the social media channels are used by the marketing department to push their messages. In most cases this is not about engaging with your customers, but just telling them how good you are. Service requests are a different sort of messaging, so this should involve the right departments. 

Social Media Policy 

Setting clear guidelines for your employees on the company’s social media policies is a must. These guidelines should include ways to handle particular situations, what you can and cannot say on behalf of the company and who to contact if they have any questions regarding these policies. 

Tone of voice 

How would you like to be perceived by your customer? As the company that is young and versatile, or are you looking for witty, or should you go for a more formal approach. Make sure you decide on this. Create a dedicated customer service account For all technical questions and troubleshooting, create separate customer service accounts on each social network your customers use. This will help ensure all customers receive answers to their individual problems. Save your brand’s main social media account for positive customer interactions, handling large issues, and spreading marketing messages. 

Open a Facebook and/or Twitter account 

This would be the moment you start and setup your Facebook and/or Twitter account (unless you already had one, of course). Ensure it does convey your company brand. Be aware Social Customer Care do usually not provide immediate wins, but they sure can avoid immediate losses. There are many great ways you can make a difference for your customers... 

Just a few nice examples:

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