OneBizz ERP
€ 75.00 per user/per month

With OneBizz ERP it is easily accessible to every entrepreneur. OneBizz uses standard templates so you can quickly launch without high up-front investments.

OneBizz is a true ERP package

With OneBizz, you have a very complete ERP solution, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. An ERP package used by large organisations for a good view and good planning. With OneBizz we offer an easily accessible ERP to every entrepreneur that's affordable.

The choice is yours

Do you require all the functionalities of the ERP package? Or would you rather step by step take the various components that are most relevant to you and your business. It is all possible when you are assigned to a OneBizz partner and online manuals.

At OneBizz you can easily create your own solution: OneBizz 365 and OneBizz CRM are optional and seamlessly integrated with OneBizz ERP.

OneBizz ERP is available in three versions:

  • OneBizz ERP for Finance

    Manage your cash, assets and bank. The financial health of your company makes the difference between success and survival. OneBizz Financial is able to capture the complexity of a global company.

  • OneBizz ERP for Professional Services

    Whether you are a lawyer, marketer, architect, accountant, financial advisor or consultant are, your customers are increasingly demanding your service when it comes to knowledge and customization.

  • OneBizz ERP for Wholesale & Distribution

    Inventories, customer requirements, logistical challenges, relationship management and competition: always looking for improvement. At OneBizz we will not tell you how to run your business, but we can indeed help you to integrate your front and back office processes and make them more efficient.

ERP system or financial system?

ERP system or financial system?

With each package whether it's an ERP system or a financial package, it's not so important what information goes in, but rather what information you would like to remove. What insights do you want in the organization? Want to send projects combined with people? The purchase of articles, plans based on the outstanding proposals? Then you want not just an outline, then you want to see, combining information from different systems. And right now! A statement any time of day and can be accessed from any location.
Why choose OneBizz?

Why choose OneBizz?

Besides all financial insights you get with ERP software within OneBizz, you also have access to all the familiar Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Skype and PowerPoint to edit this data, interpret and share. Additionally, OneBizz is available in the cloud. This gives you access to your data from any device. Because OneBizz is implemented in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, you also benefit from the many advantages of this stable online Microsoft platform. You have a stable and fast platform without its own server with associated costs for maintenance, management and updates.
Office 365
Always access to the latest versions of your familiar Office programs, regardless of whether you're using a PC, Mac, tablet or phone.
24/7 community support
OneBizz facilitates the possibility of working outside office hours and the possibility to gather and share knowledge within the 24/7 community support function.
Role centers
Depending on your role within the organisation, you will have a personal dashboard with corresponding functions and duties.
Company and team sites
With OneBizz you get a business site and a team site to work in as simply and uncluttered as possible, and most importantly in harmony.                
Rapid Start Templates
By using predefined templates it will migrate your data quickly and conveniently.         
Relationship management
Manage your contacts and associated actions.             
The Banking feature helps users to avoid making mistakes when filling out customer information and banking details.                
Financial management
OneBizz enables you to manage all the usual financial processes.       
Sales and receivables
Here you can monitor sales and the corresponding payments to be received.  
Purchase and payables
Create and manage purchase orders, sales orders and authorise your returns.        
Advanced functionality
Project Management
Plan, manage and coordinate your projects in an orderly way.       
Timesheet management
Timesheet management in OneBizz allows you to keep track of how long someone spent on a task.             
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management enables you to track detailed information from your staff.         
Warehouse management
With warehouse management, you can organise and handle the items in inventory on any level.        
Use the inventory management feature to have insight into where and what quantities of your stock will go.                
Cost accounting
With Cost Accounting you’ll get insight into what costs you make to your business.

Quick start

OneBizz uses standard templates so you can quickly launch without incurring high costs. And, if a particular month is busier or just a little quieter, then adjust the number of users temporarily. With the large number of OneBizz online tutorials, anyone can quickly start with all the functionality of this more than complete ERP package.

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