• OneBizz makes the use of
    Microsoft Office 365 easier.


Get the most out of Microsoft Office 365

With OneBizz, you embrace the new way of working and gradually learn to use new functionalities. OneBizz offers each user a personal dashboard where functionality, data and information come together on one screen. You get exactly what you need, no more and no less. Your workplace is personal, easy to use and safe. We even take care of a daily backup. You benefit from working in the cloud, information and files are always accessible from any location via your PC, tablet or smartphone.

OneBizz Dashboard

OneBizz in a nutshell:

  • Fully configured SharePoint environment: for securely storing and sharing information. SharePoint is a part of Office 365 but many companies do not use this useful functionality. This may be due to unfamiliarity or because the setup for advanced functionalities such as SharePoint is complicated. Either way, in OneBizz for Office 365, the setup and configuration have already been taken care of.
  • Role-based dashboards: your personal workspace well organised on one screen.
  • Basic functionality of Dynamics 365 Sales: a simple – ready to use – CRM solution to support your sales organisation. Customer relation management and insights on your sales opportunities are functionalities that can only be found in OneBizz.

OneBizz also provides:

  • Instruction videos, online training and a user forum to get started quickly.
  • Easy management of your roles, rights, licences, etc.

OneBizz brings Office 365, Dynamics 365 and data simply together, while learning step by step how to use new functionalities. And all of that with the familiar Microsoft user experience.

“By using OneBizz, everything is set in one solution and accessible from anywhere in the cloud, so I can access my documents everywhere.”

Purple Connect
Purple Connect Maarten Ijkelenstam

“We have now just one SharePoint environment where all data is collected”

Bross in Aktie

“Without OneBizz, we can not do our job.”

“OneBizz is clearly a business tool for us and not an IT tool”


Why OneBizz for Office 365?

Get started quickly

With OneBizz you can start in minutes, because OneBizz uses predefined roles and rights and an automated deployment. Compared to the most familiar ways of deploying SharePoint this saves you time and money (similar deployments will easily cost you several expensive days of consultancy).


Why OneBizz for Office 365?

Easy to learn

OneBizz helps you to gradually learn and adopt the many possibilities of Office 365 and Dynamics 365. You determine what functionalities you like to learn and use, and we provide you with help to use it efficiently.


Why OneBizz for Office 365?

Easy to use

The use of OneBizz is intuitive and delivers exactly what you need: all functionalities, data and documents available on a personalised dashboard, tailored to the needs of the employee. OneBizz is accessible via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How can you get started?

Are you convinced? Simply register and start using the benefits of OneBizz. Still got doubts? Try OneBizz for Office 365 for free for three months. During this period, you will receive all of the Office 365 functionalities and the additional basic CRM functionality of Dynamics 365 Sales through the OneBizz platform. That will give you the opportunity to experience what OneBizz can do for you, free of charge and without obligations. And if – and we underline if – you don’t like OneBizz, we will deactivate OneBizz automatically without you losing any data. The only thing you’ll lose is the convenience of OneBizz.

Convince yourself and ask your Office 365 reseller to activate OneBizz for you, then see for yourself how easy it is and what benefits it has to offer.

Do you want to start using OneBizz for Office 365?
Please contact your Microsoft reseller.